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Past SGESG Speakers

Keynote Speaker

Prof. Chen Shen

Tsinghua University, China


Speech Title: Digital Twin of Integrated Energy System and its Application

Keynote Speaker

Prof. naihu Li

CHINT Group Research Institute, China


Speech Title: Solutions and application of IIOT in Energy Industry


Kynote Speaker

Prof. Gehao Sheng

Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China


Speech Title: Internet of Things for power transmission and distribution equipment


Keynote Speaker

Prof. wei Gu

Southeast University, China


Speech Title: Planning Methodologies for Distributed Integrated Energy Systems



Keynote Speaker

Prof. Ming Zhou

North China Electric Power University, China


Speech Title: On the Application of Ubiquitous Power Internet of Things to Distributed Energy Resources Trading


Keynote Speaker

Dr. Shaoyong Guo

Beijing university of posts and telecommunications, China


Speech Title: Block chain Network& Data Trust Sharing for UPIoT


Invited Speaker

Prof. Keyou wang

Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China


Speech Title: General Power Electronics Real-time Digital Simulator and its Applications from A Cyber-Physical Systems Perspective

Invited Speaker

Prof. Shuai Lu

Chongqing University, China


Speech Title: Integration of Electric Vechicles with the Smart Grid

Invited Speaker

Prof. Rongfu Sun

State Grid Jibei Electric Power Company Limited, China


Speech Title: Integration and Dispatch Techniques of High-Penetration Renewable Energy






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